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Thursday, October 22, 2009
Learning Through Technology

During the revision of the degree course formerly known as BA (Hons) Learning Technology Research, the team was asked to find a new, more marketable name. The students starting from September 2009 are now studying Learning Through Technology.

Possible names included:

  • Professional Studies... with technology?
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Development with Technology
  • Professional Practice
  • Professional Practice with Technology
  • Work Based Learning
  • Professional Studies
  • Applied Professional Studies
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Applied Research

I found the process amusing and frustrating in turn, as each suggestion was turned down until the paperwork for the revision was almost at the final stage.

Although the problem of finding an acceptable alternative provoked some discussion, it has not turned out to have been useful. There was little that could be said, and much regret at losing the "birth" name of the degree course.

The main outcome has been a headache with the official paperwork and in trying to ensure that with students on both course that are identical but have different names, we don't accidentally add a layer of confusion.

As there has been no obvious sign of increased marketability, I wouldn't recommend a name change unless it is enforced.

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