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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It is time, once again, to get some serious planning done. Looking through my notes, here are some of the ideas in progress:

  • Online induction to parallel good practice in the campus experience, including an area for offer-holders. Do we have all the info students will need yet? Does the info need to be updated? Do we have an existing space? Do we need to try a different idea? What are the usual arrangements for campus-based students? What needs to be different for online students?
  • Oranisation chart to map the stakeholders in recruitment
  • Review workload in the team, planning for 2009/10
  • Plan marking loads
  • Complete materials for the Employer Engagement course module that I will be leading - authentic tasks, assessment products, assessment criteria, module guide.
  • Watch out for questions from the LTR review process.
  • Plans for faculty session in May about personalisation.
  • Progress on renaming the degree course for cohorts from 2009/10 onwards.
  • Has each module got a library task?
  • Do the assessment criteria recognise and reward use of technology as well as learning and research?
  • Follow up on developing a more standard template to present modules in Plone.
  • Revise Ethics workshops to align with new procedures to be introduced on April 1st.
  • Develop practice in response to NSS survey.
  • Discuss how the LTR model might be made more viable, in comparison to campus-based lectures for large numbers of students.

Next step - put these plans into a Gantt chart or other timeline.

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