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Thursday, September 25, 2008
One Day in the Life of...

One of the first tasks in the degree course is to present a typical day. Looking at yesterday's mail, this is what I did:

  • New students - technical advice on using FirstClass and Plone, module advice on individual learning plans, replies to individual messages, facilitation of discussion on pedagogy, link to book review in Amazon.
  • Staff - advice on administration of resubmissions, agreement on contacting missing students, check ed on plans for leave, reviewed a refreshed module area, added student numbers to the module leaders document, discussed the academic calendar, conferred about technical problems in FirstClass
  • Me - deleted thousands of old messages from my own mailbox, explored the induction for a new course, designed a profile (and decided to abandon it in favour of using some existing text)

I felt that the day started badly - although I could answer all the queries from staff, I knew that none of the answers would be delightful. Working with students was easier, giving me lots of ideas about the type of support needed. It felt good to "burn" some old mail, even though there is always a slight concern that I might need it for an obscure future purpose.

I need to follow up from some of yesterday's mail, and make a new To Do list so I can get the rest of my work in order.

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