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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Patchwork: Haiku

Impressive suggestion to answer post-graduate course questions using haiku - see more on the Hoffmanization blog.
from the blogosphere
a digital neighbor stops
to smell the bandwidth

Mariana's Social Software weblog
We are the teachers
We are the students
Maybe, even both at the same time

Marion's CCTE Blog
“It will equalize, enlighten, unify”
These are empty promises
When not all can partake

Molly K's Social Things
if the tool exists
but the forest is empty
do you hear its fall?

These are all linked from Ulises Mejias' course blog. I've left comments where possible, but not all the blogs are open for comments from unregistered visitors - which is a shame for communication, but understandable when spam is such a nuisance.

It would be brilliant to see stuff like this in Ultraversity, perhaps researchers need more prompts. Responses could be a haiku, or a photo, one frame of a cartoon... the possibilities are endless.

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